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Change requests

CR noSubmission dateSubjectStatusPublication dateVersion
0/201817.12.2018Confirmation of the availability of funds (yes / no answer) for PISPon hold--
1/201817.12.2018Information on the PSU's relation to the accountapproved19.02.20192.1.2
2/201928.01.2019Requiredness of fields for PIS consentrejected--
3/201928.01.2019deleteConsent – extension of input parametersrejected--
4/201904.02.2019The addition of a field "recipient's country" for foreign transfersapproved19.02.20192.1.2
5/201917.04.2019Establishing a binding interpretation of consent covering more than one scope of rights (privilege_list) for one (same) accountapproved12.07.20192.1.3
6/201928.05.2019Support for Split Paymentsapproved12.12.20193.0
7/201928.06.2019Correction of data structures of senders and recipients of transfers approved12.07.20192.1.3
8/201928.06.2019Correction of address data structuresapproved12.07.20192.1.3
9/201928.06.2019Correction of header data structures (AIS) approved12.07.20192.1.3
10/201928.06.2019Unification of naming of data structures for requests and responses in PISapproved12.07.20192.1.3
11/201928.06.2019Preparation of a dedicated header structure for the / token methodapproved12.07.20192.1.3