Open Banking Day is a series of events, dedicated to promoting open banking. Our idea is to get together banks and payment institutions to work on some more effective and innovative solutions in this area. The main organizer of the Open Banking Day is the Polish Bank Association, and the General Partner is KPMG Poland. We have already cooperated with the following companies:
– Apiomat
– Epiphany
– Investsuite
– Kobil
– Konsentus
– Mastercard
– Microsec
– Minna Technologies
– Nordic API Gateway
– Nordigen
– PRETA/Open Banking Europe
– Quest Dystrybucja
– Safened
– Saltedge
– Strands
– Tink
– Token
– Trustly
– Yubico
The second edition of the event was organized under the honorary patronage of the British Embassy in Warsaw.

Open Banking Day 2 (7.03.2019)
Open Banking Day 1 (29.11.2018)

For companies interested in participating in the next edition of the event – please contact us at